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It’s very easy to handle and insert into the winch socket, thanks to its ideal ergonomic design and very light weight (2.2 kg). The electric assistance is easy to use, with all the controls located on the hand grip, allowing you to keep winching as you normally would, but with the addition of considerable torque (90 Nm) while ensuring precision ( 0 to 100 rpm). You maintain the feeling of winching while considerably reducing the physical effort involved.

You can use the assisted or non-assisted mode, or both at once, to ensure maximum precision all while maintaining the feeling of winching. You can use the Ewincher as a manual handle at any time. It’s always in the ideal position to limit your effort.

- The removable, rechargeable battery lasts a very long time
- Waterproof
- Ewincher is also a unique connected object

Ewincher is a new generation electric winch handle that allows you to adapt the handle’s power to your needs and monitor you efforts in real time on your sailboat.

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