The Right Line for Your Boat

We recently had the opportunity to delve into the world of double braided lines with Ben Moon from Ronstan. As the US and Caribbean Distributors for Robline, Ronstan knows their stuff when it comes to sailing lines. In this episode of the On Deck Channel, Ben and Stephen Lloyd, co-owner of The Yacht Rigger, discussed the intricacies of different braids and materials used in these lines.

They started by talking about Orion, a 16-plait polyester double braid that is commonly used as a staple in the industry. Ben emphasized that not all polyesters are created equal, and Orion stands out due to its high-quality polyester construction. It has a polyester cover and core, providing a round shape and firm feel off the spool. Cheaper products often lack enough core, resulting in flat spots and deformation over time.

Moving on, Ben introduced Sirius , featuring a 32-braided cover. This line offers increased durability compared to the 16-braid, making it suitable for loaded sheet applications and areas prone to abrasion, such as winches and clutches. Sirius is also a good option for halyards on cruising boats, providing excellent abrasion resistance and strength.

The discussion then shifted to Globe Pro, which offers a great compromise between cost and performance. It features a core made of ultra-high modulus weighted polyethylene (UHMWPE), similar to Dyneema. Globe Pro provides low stretch, making it ideal for high-load applications like halyards and reef lines. It offers excellent value for those looking for a Dyneema halyard without breaking the bank.

Finally, they covered Admiral 5000, which is Ronstan’s flagship product. It utilizes a DSM SK78 core, offering extremely low stretch. The longer strands in the core minimize both fiber and constructional stretch, providing exceptional performance. Admiral 5000 is the top choice for those seeking minimal stretch or upgrading to a higher-end halyard.

Throughout the video, Ben highlighted the strengths and applications of each line, making it clear that Ronstan has developed a comprehensive range to suit various sailing needs. Whether you’re looking for a softer, more flexible line like Orion, a durable and stronger option like Sirius, or a high-performance line such as Admiral 5000, Ronstan has you covered.

I appreciate the detailed insights provided by Ben Moon and Stephen Lloyd in this video. Their expertise shed light on the complexities of rope and line selection, making it easier for sailors to make informed decisions. As someone who values quality and performance, I find Ronstan’s double braided lines to be an excellent choice for any sailing application.

If you’re looking for informative content like this, I highly recommend subscribing to the On Deck Channel. They consistently deliver valuable insights for sailors of all levels.

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