Solar, Arch, Controller & Dinghy Lift System – Made Simple

Join us on The On Deck Channel for this episode were I get to jump on and watch these guys at The Yacht Rigger install really wild setups on these big boats. So what does it look like to put together a three solar panel arch setup with MPPT controllers and breaker disconnects including a Davit lifting system? Watch this episode to find out! We’ll see you On Deck! We love feedback, so please subscribe and leave us a comment with ideas for future videos or any other feedback you may have.


Products we use in the video:

The sealant we use for everything
Put on every screw and dissimilar metal
Lubricate mast car synthetic bearings with
Our favorite masthead light
Alternate masthead light
Wind indicator
Locking Crescent we love
Lightning dissipater rod
My daily protein

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