Cyclops Marine Load Sensors

Ahoy guys! In this video, we’re talking with Tom from Cyclops all the way from the UK, and we’re checking out these awesome new Cyclops SmartTune load sensing turnbuckles that you can install on your rig and effectively know at a glance how much load is on a given shroud. This is exciting whether you are new to sailing or have been sailing for your whole life. If you’re newer, it can give you really important warning systems , for example if you’re getting close to an overload. If you’ve been sailing for a very long time, you can really dial in where the loads are on your rig, where you’re hitting that sweet spot and where maybe you’re pushing it a little too far. Also, besides showing up in the chart plotter, you can view this data right on your phone with the App, called Smart Fittings Manager. Find it here 

Products we use in the video:

The sealant we use for everything
Put on every screw and dissimilar metal
Lubricate mast car synthetic bearings with
Our favorite masthead light
Alternate masthead light
Wind indicator
Locking Crescent we love
Lightning dissipater rod
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